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High Stakes Sports Betting: Sportsbook With the Highest Limits

Ready to bet big? In this article, we’re going to show you the best online sportsbooks for high-stakes sports betting.

Most sports bettors are hobbyists who wager a few hundred, at most a few thousand dollars, a month.

But what about the people with deep pockets who love the thrill of a high limit betting? Taking a hunch on a horse race, a ball game, a single play or elaborate parlay, and betting thousands of dollars or more at once?

The thrill of victory and a shower of money … the despair of a loss and a big chunk of cash you will never see again … in either case, it’s a rush. One thing’s for sure — life isn’t boring when you bet big.

… if you can find somewhere to place those bets. Most online sportsbooks aggressively limit the size of the bets that they will accept, usually to a few thousand dollars. You’re lucky if you can find a sportsbook that will accept bets up to $5,000, especially a US-facing site.

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Even European or offshore sports betting sites will not accept a bet they can’t cover. But a few huge online sports bets will take the action. On these online sportsbooks, you can bet the price of a brand new automobile, even a luxury automobile, on a single event.

1. William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest and most respected bookmakers in the world, in the game since 1934. Based in London, the brand has changed hands multiple times and was acquired by Caesars Entertainment. In other words, this is a sportsbook with the reputation and the resources to back it up. William Hill will accept bets up to $500,000 and does not lower the limit for professional bettors.

2. Ladbrokes

Previously owned by Hilton, Ladbrokes started out as Hilton Group plc. The company has been in business since 1999 and operates out of London. Ladbrokes will accept maximum bets of $500,000, but they reduce the limits for professional bettors and price-traded bettors.

3. Pinnacle Sports – The Best Choice For High Limit Betting

In business since 1998, Pinnacle is licensed in Curacao and available in over 100 markets. They are known for their slogan “Winners are Welcome,” and they put their money where their mouth is. They have been known to accept maximum bets up to $40,000. Best of all, they do not lower their limits for professional sports bettors and those who practice arbitrage betting.

4. Bet 365

In business since 2000, Bet365 is based in London and went on to win multiple industry awards in 2010, 2011, and 2012. However, several high-profile cases of unwillingness to pay out ultra-high winnings should give bettors pause. Still, Bet365 is known to pay winnings up to $1,000,000 in winnings on soccer and horse races, as well as six-figure payouts for many other sports.

5. Bovada

Based in Quebec, Canada, Bovada is a popular sports betting platform for US players and has an excellent reputation for customer service and on-time payment. While the limits aren’t as lofty as the European and off-shore providers, and while they may reduce their limits for professional bettors, you can place bets up to $15,000 through Bovada.

6. BetOnline

Headquartered in Panama City and in business since 2006, BetOnline carved out some headlines by being the first online sportsbook to accept a bet from the summit of Mount Everest. The sportsbook is well known for the easy verification process and transactions. The sportsbook is not registered with GamStop. Closer to sea level, BetOnline will accept bets up to $15,000.

7. 5Dimes

Founded in Costa Rica in 1996, 5Dimes offers responsive customer service and accepts bitcoin deposits of up to $10,000, as well as bets up to $15,000.

What to Look For in a High Stakes Betting Site

Not all high-stakes sportsbooks are equally worthy of your big bets. When considering an online sportsbook to go large in, pay attention to the following policies and qualities:

  • Banking Limits. To place a big bet, you need to have a big balance in your bankroll. Even if you find bookies that accept high stakes, they may not accept big deposits. Depending on the method of deposit, the book might only accept deposits of up to $1,000. Even if they accept bets up to $15,000, it might take weeks to build up the bankroll. Keep this in mind if your big bet is time-sensitive. Some sportsbooks with high limit betting accept larger deposits from alternative deposit methods, like bitcoin.
  • Fees. Big bets can also mean big fees. When your bets start to push into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, those fees can really add up, taking a big chunk out of the action. Before you place a big bet, make sure you know how much you will be paying in fees. Look for bookmakers that accept high stakes with no fees or a flat fee. Watch out for percentage fees. Even a small percentage of a big bet is serious money.
  • Payout Policy. When big money is at stake, you want to know that you will get your money out — fast — if you want it out. Carefully check your chosen sportsbook’s policies (and more importantly, reputation) for paying out and paying out quickly. If possible, find out if their policies or reputation change when the payouts push into five or more figures.
  • Payout Limit. In the same way that some sportsbooks limit how much you can deposit, they may also limit how much you withdraw. Even a sportsbook with a reputation for fast payout might take a long time getting you your winnings if they limit daily withdrawals.
  • Good Odds. Not all betting sites that accept high stakes offer the same odds. Industry-standard margin on soccer events is 6%, for example, but some high-roller sportsbooks offer margins as low as 2%. That’s a lot of money to leave on the table if we’re talking about 4% of five or six figures on high-stakes soccer betting.
  • VIP Perks. Just like at a casino or racetrack, online sportsbooks tend to offer juicy perks to people who bet big. Make sure to check out the VIP program of the sportsbooks you are considering — the perks can be well worth the business, even if the sportsbook doesn’t offer the fees or margins you want to see.

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  • Melmondogeorge says:

    I got over 10k limits on Euro20 with bet365. Not the exact same situation with sky and unibet. Bet365 will remain my favourite bookie and I don’t think some other’s going to replace them soon.

  • hugmeover says:

    Pinnacle is the best for high rollers, they never limit or restrict their players

  • mirablejordan says:

    Nitrogen – no limits on every game!

  • bethanyhammer says:

    Pinnacle should be included

  • jade says:

    It depends on what sport you prefer. if you like baseball BetOnline is the best option for high stakes gambling, but if your wagers are on soccer, than you have to choose bet365 or 888

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